182pcs Brake Line Male Female Fitting Nuts Kit 2 3 Way 10mm 3/8'' 7/16'' Metric

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Upgrade your brake pipe fittings arsenal with our E92954 Brake Pipe Connectors Kit. Crafted from durable iron, this 182-piece set is a must-have for both classic and modern car repair and restoration projects. Suitable for various car models, including Rover, Vauxhall, Ford, Mercedes, Land Rover, VW, Audi, BMW, and more.


  1. Versatile Kit: Perfect for classic and modern car repairs, offering a comprehensive solution for enthusiasts and workshops alike.
  2. Universal Application: The 10mm x 1mm unions are designed for British and European cars post-1980, as well as pre-1980 VW, Audi, BMW, Ford, and Mercedes models.
  3. 3/16" Pipe Compatibility: Ideal for extending original pipework or repairing damaged lines, ensuring flexibility in your brake system.
  4. Comprehensive Set: With 182 pieces, including various brake nuts, connectors, and fittings, this kit covers the most popular unions for efficient brake system maintenance.
  5. Essential for Enthusiasts: A must-have for serious car enthusiasts and professional workshops, ensuring you're well-equipped for brake system repairs and upgrades.


  • 100 x [10mm x 1.0mm Brake Nuts Short Male]
  • 50 x [10mm x 1.0mm Brake Nuts Female]
  • 10 x [10mm 2-Way Female Connectors]
  • 10 x [10mm 2-Way Male Connectors]
  • 5 x [10mm x 1.0mm Brake Nuts Long Male]
  • 5 x [10mm x 1.0mm Brake Nuts Fully Threaded Short Male]
  • 2 x [10mm 3-Way Female Connector]

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