20PCS Beehive Waxed Coated Black Foundation Sheet Beehive Frames Waxed Foundation Sheet Plastic Portable Honeycomb Sheet

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Made from durable plastic, these sheets are essential for beekeepers looking to provide a conducive environment for bees to quickly nest and produce a large quantity of honey. Expertly recommended, they are the perfect replacement for building honeycombs.


  • Constructed from both sturdy plastic and natural beeswax, this beehive foundation boasts superior durability and expert craftsmanship.
  • Effortless assembly and smooth insertion into a groove top frame with no need for reinforcement.
  • This beekeeping foundation, featuring hexagonal holes, is specifically designed for easy usage and maintenance.
  • Size: 48cmx23cmx2.5cm
  • This pack contains 20 sheets, making it an essential piece of beekeeping equipment for all beekeepers.


Dimension: 48cmx23cmx2.5cm


20 x Beehive Frames

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