Door Gym Tower 200 Body by Jake Strength Resistance Training Full Set

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  • Designed to work out all your muscles with a variety of strength training exercises using the Multi Tension Power Cords that provide 200 pounds of explosive resistance.
  • Unbranded door-based home Gym for upper and lower body exercise fitness, which help you work your arms, chest, back, shoulders, abs, and legs.
  • Supports more than 200 exercises in all.
  • Easy to mount on the Door and remove, slide onto home, office, or any dorm door in seconds.
  • Tower 200 Complete Training Equipment is a Door-based home gym for working out your upper and lower body, that includes over 200 workouts for the Ultimate Total Body Workout System.
  • Slides onto any home, office, or dorm door within seconds.
  • 3 Resistance Multi-Tension Levels 15LB, 30LB and 45 LBS.
  • With a Heavy-Duty durable steel frame.
  • Box Size: 35.5cm x 61cm x 15 cm
• 1x Tower 200 with up to 90kg (200 Pounds) of resistance
(1x Set of two 18kg Power Cords)
(1x Set of two16kg Power Cords)
(1x Set of two 11kg Power Cords)
•  1x Straight Bar
•  1x pair Hand Grips
•  1x pair Ankle Straps
•  1x 2 Sided Exercises Chart
•  1x NEW! Tower 200 DVD with 11-Minute Mother of All Workouts, plus 4 Bonus Power Pack workouts
•   Ultimate Muscle Explosion Starter Guide with over 200 Exercises (Instructional manual)

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