3/4-Wheel Garden Stool - Umbrella Stand Not Included

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Style: 3 Wheels Garden Stool
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  • This lightweight rolling garden chair is not only height-adjustable but also portable. It features a galvanized core steel worm rod mechanism that allows you to adjust the height from 230mm to 380mm. Additionally, it offers a 360-degree rotation capability with specially designed "Anti-Roll" non-pneumatic wheels, ensuring stability, balance, and comfort for effortless maneuvering.
  • The stool's adjustable height is perfect for various gardening tasks, whether you're working at ground level, in a raised bed, or a garden bed. Keeping this gardening stool clean is a breeze; simply hose it down with your garden hose.
  • Make a smart investment today by acquiring this incredibly useful gardening stool. It will bring back the joy of gardening while minimizing discomfort and strain.



  • Unit Weight: 4 kg
  • Product Dimensions: 37 cm * 31 cm * 26 cm
  • Material: Zinc Steel Pipe, PP Plastic


Package Content:(optional)

Optional 1:

  • 1x 3 Wheel Garden Stool

Optional 2:

  • 1x 4 Wheel Garden Stool


Please note: This chair is suitable for individuals who are physically fit and able to maintain their balance while using it.

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