2000kg Hand Winch 3-Speed Heavy Duty with Webbing Powerful Performance

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Experience the power and versatility of our Heavy Duty Winch with a remarkable 2000kg pulling rating and a vertical lift capacity of 1300kg. This robust winch is designed to handle tough tasks with ease and efficiency, making it an essential tool for a wide range of applications.


  • Pulling Rating: 2000kg
  • Vertical Lift Capacity: 1300kg
  • Three Speeds: 17:1, 5:1, 1:1
  • Webbing Length: 8 metres
  • Webbing Width: 50mm
  • Dimensions: 200mm x 110mm x 110mm

Dacromet Coating Advantages:

  • High Heat Resistance: Dacromet can withstand temperatures above 300°C, making it highly resistant to high-temperature corrosion. Traditional galvanization, in comparison, starts peeling off at temperatures as low as 100°C.
  • Exceptional Corrosion Resistance: Despite its thin layer, Dacromet provides rust protection that is 7-10 times more effective than traditional electroplating, hot-dip galvanization, or coating methods. Components treated with Dacromet and subjected to over 1200 hours of salt spray test show no signs of red rust.
  • Excellent Penetration: Dacromet's electrostatic shielding effect allows it to penetrate deep holes, narrow gaps, and internal surfaces of pipes that are hard to reach through traditional electroplating methods.
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement-Free: Dacromet's process eliminates the risk of hydrogen embrittlement, making it ideal for coated load-bearing parts.
  • Strong Adhesion and Recoating Capability: Dacromet coating adheres well to metal substrates and exhibits strong adhesion to other coatings. Parts treated with Dacromet are easy to paint, and its adhesion even surpasses that of phosphate coatings.


  • 1 x Heavy Duty Winch with Dacromet Coating
  • 1 x Snap Hook
  • Removable Handle

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