6 Pack Water Filter Water Filter Cartridge Replacement for Delonghi Automatic Coffee Machine Compatible with DLSC002 ECAM ETAM DLS C002 SER3017 5513292811 EC680 EC800

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A Premium Compatible Part to replace Delonghi DLS C002.
For an even better coffee experience.

Original Part Numbers:

Delonghi SER3017
Delonghi DLS C002

Compatible Model:
EC800 Series
EC680 Series

ECAM Bean to cup Series
ETAM Bean to cup Series

ECAM Bean to cup Series

ECAM 650.75.MS-PrimaDonna Elite

ECAM 650.55.MS-PrimaDonna Elite

ECAM 550.75.MS-PrimaDonna Class

ECAM 510.55.M-PrimaDonna S Evo

ECAM 44.660.B-Eletta Cappuccino

ECAM 44.620.S-Eletta Plus

ECAM 45.760.W-Eletta Cappuccino TOP

ECAM 370.85.SB-Dinamica Plus

ECAM 370.95.T-Dinamica Plus

ECAM 350.75.S-Dinamica

ECAM 350.15.B-Dinamica

ECAM 350.55.B-Dinamica

ECAM 350.35.W-Dinamica

ECAM 28.465.M-PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 23.120.B

ECAM 23.210.W

ECAM 23.260.SB

ECAM 23.420.SR

ECAM 23.450.S

ECAM 23.460.S

ECAM 25.462.B

ECAM 21.117.B-Magnifica S

ECAM 22.360.S-Magnifica S

ECAM 22.320.SB-Magnifica S


ETAM Bean to cup Series

ETAM 29.660.SB-Autentica

ETAM 29.620.SB-Autentica

ETAM 29.510.B-Autentica

ETAM 36.365.M-PrimaDonna XS De Luxe

Delivers Fresh and delicious-tasting water for coffe.
Prevents scale and protects the coffee machine.
Removes or reduces chloine,lead,aluminum,coppe
Retains minerals that are beneficail to health
Size: 20x9x17cm

Pacakge Content:
6X Water Filters

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