Aestiva Solar Hot Water Controller to Replace Rheem Chromagen Apricus Thermann

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  • One of the most advanced solar differential controllers in the Australian market.

  • Comes with most features and end-user adjustability.

  • Designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

  • All connections are plug and play, no electrician required.

  • Widely used by OEM-supplied (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solar hot water heater brands such as Solargain, Neopower, Aussiewide, Leda, SolarEast and Solarpower.

  • Can directly replace Senztek and Resol controllers used by Apricus, Edson and others.


  • Fully digital LCD display

  • Automatic tank sensor addition

  • Waterproof controller

  • Smart Heat Management (SHM) mode for summer stagnant overheating.


Model: Aestiva S2011 Solar Differential Controller

Display: White Back-lit LED Screen

Power Leads: 2 m Main Power Lead, 40 cm Pump Socket Lead

Tank Sensors: Default one lower tank sensor. Additional upper tank sensor can be added and the controller intelligently switched between one or two tank sensor modes by detecting the connections.

Roof Sensor: 20 m, quick-release connection. Rated for 300°C ,to be used in both evacuated tube and flat plate collector panels.

Water Proof: IP54 Tested

Max Load Power: 600W

Australian Electrical Approval number: SAA151245

Connection: Fully Plug and Play, No Electrician Required

Functions: Differential Control, Frost Protection, Top Out Protection, Manual Pump, SHM

Pump Station: Check out our store for the pump station, solar fittings and valves options.

Special Feature: Every Aestiva controller comes with Smart Heat Management(SHM) mode. During summer, the tank can reach top out temperatures during the day and the collectors will be in an overheating/stagnation condition, generating steam and unnecessary stress to the solar systems. Sometimes, it may appear as a loud banging noise.

When the SHM mode is activated, the Aestiva controller detects this condition and activates reverse differential solar control during night time to cool down the bottom half of the tank. The bottom tank water will start cooling in 2nd day and prevents stagnation from occurring. The top half tank is unaffected, as the circulation only happens at the lower half of the tank, so hot water usage during the morning is no issue.

The SHM mode can be set using Program Mode by the end-user. This is handy during the holiday season, when you may be away from home for an extended period of time.


When compared to other controllers, the Aestiva controller is newer and features more technology. The end-user is not limited to just one tank sensor, but can add additional ones if required.


We carry Aestiva 1 year limited warranty. Photos of the controller on the installation site must be provided for us to assess if the controller was installed correctly.

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