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This Upgraded Cat Running Wheel provides a safe and engaging way for cats to exercise, helping to prevent obesity and promote overall well-being. A fully enclosed wheel and more stable base enhance safety for your beloved pets whether you're home or away.

Introducing the Cat Running Wheel, an ideal toy and exercise tool designed to keep your cat active and healthy. This cat runner boasts a fully enclosed wheel and a narrower gap, ensuring no risk of pinched toes.The upgraded thick wooden board and back-mounted fixation improve stability. Hassle-free setup with pre-drilled holes.


  • Wonderful Toy and Exerciser for Cats: This indoor cat runner provides a perfect way for cats to exercise and reduce their risk of becoming overweight and staying healthy. The velcro carpet provides a secure grip for running, it can also be a scratching toy for cats.
  • Safety First: The gap between base and wheel is less than 6mm with a fully enclosed design, eliminating the risk of pinched toes. Also the cat runner includes a safety lock buckle, allowing you to freely control your cat's movement to enhance pet safety protection.
  • Enhanced Stability: The board has been upgraded to a thicker wooden board, and back-mounted fixation, optimizing board linkage. And the top edge of the base is reinforced with a double layer. Sturdy base and huge running wheel brings a better experience for your cat to enjoy running.
  • Quiet Operation: Silent bearings reduce the noise during operation and reduce the disturbance to people.
  • Easy to Assembly: Illustrated instructions help you assemble the cat exercise wheel quickly and accurately. All installation holes are pre-drilled for easy assembly, and screws can be removed effortlessly.


  • Material: Sandwich Plate + PVC Carpet
  • Overall Dimensions: 96(L)×36.5(W)×107(H)cm
  • Net Weight: 19kg

Pack Content

  • 1x Cat Running Wheel
  • 1x User Manual

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