Celestron NexYZ 3-Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter 81055 for Eyepiece Telescope

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Capture still images and videos with virtually any smartphone through virtually any optical device with Celestron's NexYZ 3-Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter. The design allows it to be used on spotting scopes, binoculars, and telescope eyepieces from 30mm to 60mm - including standard 1.25" and larger 2" telescope eyepieces. Celestron includes two rings that allow the adapter to be mounted on smaller optics, such as microscopes.

The frame is made of sturdy and lightweight aluminum and the body of a polymer material that makes it able to support larger and heavier smartphones without failing. A clamping system holds the adapter securely on the eyepiece and locks in place, while an adjustment system allows for precise phone camera alignment on three X-Y-Z axes.



  • Take stills and videos through eyepiece

  • Use for telescopes, binoculars, spotters

  • Microscope and smaller optic adapters

  • Easy spring-clamp installation with lock

  • Fits any eyepiece from 30mm to 60mm

  • Compatible with a wide variety of phones

  • Aluminium frame and polymer body



1x Smartphone Adapter

1x Smartphone Adapter Instructions



1. Connect The Adapter

For Telescopes, Binoculars, and Spotting Scopes

Squeeze the lever to open the clamp. Position the clamp around the eyepiece and release. Tighten the safety lock.

For Microscopes

Choose one of the two provided adapter rings that best fits your microscope" s eyepiece and secure it in place. (You may need to remove the eyepiece from the microscope to install the ring.) Then, follow the instructions above.

2. Attach Your Phone

NeXYZ works with regular phone cases, but you will need to remove " folio-style" cases. Extend the slider. Place your phone on the platform, making sure the bottom is touching the rubber base. Release the slider. Your phone is now secure and ready for imaging. If needed, you can make tension adjustments to keep the phone firmly in place; reference NexYZ Tension Adjustment Guide under Support & Downloads.

3. Align and Shoot

Open your camera app. Position your phone over the eyepiece using the X and Y axis knobs. Then, use the Z axis knob to move closer or further away from the eyepiece until you have achieved your desired framing. Finally, adjust the focus using the focuser on your optics and snap the image.

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