58pcs Dent Puller Repair Lifer Tools Kit

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Easy to Operate: Our__car dent repair tools are suitable for both professional and new users, Don't worry for the first time use, The dent puller coming with detailed repair steps introduction for operate, Most of the dent remover can be finished in half an hour, Which makes the car dent removal process so easy. Our dent repair kit can help you repair your car by yourself for many times, So it can save a lot of money and time for you.

Effectively Fix Dents: All__dents can be easily removed with our innovative dent remover tool Kit. The kit provides the user with multiple dent pulling methods making it the most complete and versatile dent pulling kit on the market. Include bridge puller for repairing large size dents and golden puller for repairing smaller dented areas.

Paintless Dent Repair: We__use rubber/sponge as base in our pullers, Which are friendly to your car paint when you use them on your car, Work with glue and glue tabs, Use the stickiness of glue to pull out car dents, specially designed for car dent repair.

Wide Application: The dent removal tool can repair dents of different shapes and sizes, We have 28 pieces tabs for you to choose. The dent lifter kit can be used to repair the dents and body bending of cars, trucks and other vehicles caused by reversing, turning, hail, and so on.

Your Best Assist: No matter you want to repair your car at home garage, Vehicle workshop or outside. This__tool is the most reliable and portable__assist.


Package Dimension:38cm x18cm x 10cm
Weight: 1.56 KG


1pc x Dent lifter
1pc x Short T handle bar
1pc x Glue gun(With AU plug adapter)
1pc x Bridge puller
1pc x Dent hammer
1pc x Tap down pen__
8pcs x Tap down pen heads
28pcs x Glue tabs(10red+18blue)
7pcs x Glue sticks
1pc x Shovel
1pc x Bottle for filling alcohol(empty)
1pc x Rag
6pcs x Bridge Puller Heads

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