For Tesla Model Y Wheel Cover Caps 19 Inch Rim Hubcap

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  • ã_19" Model Y Hubcapã_: Model Y hub caps are only suitable for tesla model Y with 19" wheels.__Turbine design can effectively reduce wind resistance, and makes your car look cooler and more unique.__
  • ã__riginal Car Mold Makingã_: Our tesla wheel caps for Model Y use the original car 1:1 mould opening. The fully covered tesla wheel cap kit can reveal your original car callipers without revealing the white corners, rejecting any incongruity, completely matching your model, seamlessly connecting, and making your car more sporty.
  • ã__ashionable Sporty Designã_:Tesla model Y wheel cover adopts the design of the turbine, which effectively reduces the wind resistance and enhances the sense of power and movement. The tesla rim caps have a snap-on design on the back, which is very easy to install. You only need a few minutes to complete the installation, and it will not fall off.
  • ã__igh-Quality Materialã_:The Model Y wheel cap is made of high-quality ABS matte material, high hardness, waterproof high-temperature resistance, durable and does not fall off the paint. tesla rim protector effectively protects your wheels from scratches.


1x Set of 4 Hubcaps

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