Front Rear Door Side Storage Box Tray Organizer Accessories for Tesla Model Y

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Upgrade your Tesla Model Y with our Customized Design Door Side Storage Box. Specifically designed to fit the original car door slot, this storage box is both functional and stylish.


Customized Design: This storage box is specially designed for Tesla Model Y, ensuring a perfect fit in the car door slot.

Premium Material: Crafted from environmentally friendly soft TPE material, this storage box is odorless, waterproof, and easy to clean. It's stable and durable, maintaining its shape and position over time.

Functionality: Car door slots are prone to dust accumulation and can be challenging to clean. Our storage box protects the suede on the original car door, preventing dirt and moisture from accumulating and making cleaning a breeze.

Separated Space: The storage box features a well-thought-out division, keeping your items organized and easily accessible.

Noise Reduction: Its shock-absorbing design minimizes noise during driving, ensuring a quiet and comfortable ride.

Easy Installation: No tools are required for installation. Simply place the storage box in the car door handle, and it seamlessly matches the original car design.

Complete Set: You'll receive a set of four storage boxes, including 2 for the front doors (left and right) and 2 for the rear doors (left and right).


  • 2 x front door side storage box
  • 2 x rear door side storage box

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