Commercial Home Automatic Oil Press Machine Expeller 220V

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Premium Quality: The oil extractor machine is made up of 304 stainless steel, which is anti-rust and has high impact and low-temperature resistance. The stainless steel hopper is formed by a specialised stamp die, which features high durability and sturdiness.

High Oil Yield: The extraction rate of oilseeds is up to 95%, which depends on the oilseeds. Moreover, it can work 24 hours without stop. Compared with other machines, our machine has higher efficiency.

Hot/Cold/Frying Press: The oil extractor machine with a built-in thermostat heating device can meet all your needs for hot, cold, and deep-fried settings. Get ready to enjoy natural and healthy oil. The heat dissipation and air exhaust can prevent overheat of the machine and prolong its service life.

Easy Operation: Turn on the heat switch, preheat for minutes, then feed the seeds into the hopper, and there comes the oil. The automatic oil press can be cleaned with a matching cleaning brush to save time and effort. Insulated gloves can protect your hands from burning, and there's also a funnel.

Wide Applications:Our oil press machine is widely used for peanuts, sesame seeds, nuts,soybeans, coconuts, castor, hemp seeds, canola, sunflower, linseed, walnuts, etc.


Never put fingers or hard objects such as a metal bar into the chamber entrance to stir raw materials.

Please pay special attention to the raw materials that cannot be pressed: corn, olives, rice, pork, avacados


Oil Yield Rate: >95% of the oil content of the material

Oil Press Speed: 6-14 lb/h/2.7-6.3 kg/h

Heater Power: 460W

Voltage: 220V/60HZ

Product Dimensions: 460 mm x 242 mm x 191 mm


1x Oil Press Machine

1x Oil Filter

1x Oil Drain Cup

1x Cleaning Brush

1x Pair of Insulated Gloves

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