Stainless Steel Aluminium 6/8 Link Tube Boat Fishing Rod Holder Side Mount

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Style: 6 Link
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Enhance your fishing experience on boats and yachts with our high-quality Rod Rests and Holders made of durable 316 stainless steel. The surface is polished to a smooth finish. Available in two sizes, 6-link and 8-link. The 6-link option has a width of 26 inches (660mm), while the 8-link option has a width of 36 inches (900mm). Both have a height of 8-3/5 inches (220mm) and an inner diameter of 1-3/5 inches (50mm). The sturdy design ensures secure support for your fishing rods, and installation is easy.




  • Uses: BOATS & YACHTS Rod Rests and Holders
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Surface Finish: Polished
  • Size:
  1. 6 Link - Width = 660mm
  2. 8 Link - Width = 900mm
  3. Height = 220mm
  4. Inner Diameter = 50mm
  • Style: 6-link/8-link
  • Advantages: Sturdy, durable, and easy to install




  • 1 x 6-link/8-link Rod Rests and Holders (optional)

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