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Cable Tie Gun

Suitable for tension and cutting most stainless steel cable ties width up to 12 mm, thickness up to 0.3mm.
Adjustable tension for differing tie sizes.
It is suitable for self-locking stainless steel cable ties, ladder stainless steel cable ties and so on.
After the stainless steel cable tie is tightened, pull up the cutter bar, then it will be cut off easily and cleanly without sharp edges.

Color: Black
Main Body Material: S45C
Blade Material: 65 Manganese Steel
Handle Material: TPR
Application: Below 12mm width, 0.25mm-0.3mm thickness
Weight: Approx. 700g
Size: Approx. 210 x 120 x12mm

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Antioxidative, high temperature resistant, cold resistant, high strength and easy to use.
Rolling ball self-locking mechanism offers smooth installation.
Self-locking, easy fitting, cannot be separated after button up.
Perfect universal application for automotive parts, home repair, computer repair, etc.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Operation Temperature: -80â__ to 538â__
Max Supporting Weight: 90kg
Quantity: 200pcs
Size: 250mm x 4.6mm

1 x Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun
200 x 304 Cable Ties

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