Weathershields Suitable for Corolla Sedan 2014-2018 Premium Weather Shields

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Suitable for: Corolla Sedan ZRE172R From 2014-2018
Made with a high-quality injection mold, 2.0 mm acrylic material these weather shields add a relaxing ride whilst giving fresh air during a drive.
The installation of the weather shields is simple and fast due to the strong tape which fits accurately towards your vehicle.
The weather shield minimize wind noise, lets you put down your window without having to deal with strong winds,
allows dryness when raining on the sides of your car and when parking prevents heat from inside the vehicle.
Weather shields provide clearer vision while driving in fog and mist.


Reduces noise from strong winds
Prevents heat from the sun going into your vehicle
Allows fresh air from surroundings to come inside the vehicle
Blocks water from the sides of your vehicle when raining
Made with good quality 2.0 mm acrylic material
Includes strong tape which allows simple installation
Translucent and tinted
Fits the vehicles easily and precisely

1 Set of 4 pcs
Aftermarket parts sold are not Toyota genuine parts

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