Restaurant Buzzers - 20 Pagers Efficient Queue Management Wireless Calling System - Ideal for Restaurants Cafe and Events

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  • The queue wireless calling system set consists of one 20-channel keypad wireless calling button base and 20 pcs wireless calling receivers. The keypad call button base has 20 output charger slots, and it can transmit 20 different codes by keypad button. While the customer places an order, he(she) will be dispatched one receiver with a number, when the order is ready, press the keypad to call the number, the customer will get it through the buzzer/vibration/LED indications. The queue system greatly improves the work efficiency and avoids the client waiting in a long queue. So it is widely used in fast food restaurant, food court, clinic, church and auto shop or other queue occasions.


  • 20 channels keypad call buttons
  • 20 battery charging slots
  • Portable rechargeable vibration & Buzzer & LED receiver
  • Independent storage memory avoiding data lost
  • High receive sensitivity
  • Self testing while power on
  • Beautiful and fashionable designing
  • Transmitting distance is about 500m in the open area



  • Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Receive sensitivity: -108dBm
  • Decoder: Learning code (AM)
  • Standby current: 10mA
  • Standby Time: 24h
  • Power: Built-in 200mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V
  • Size: 102 x 51 x 10mm
  • Weight: 40g

Keypad call button

  • Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Standby power consumption: <600W
  • Transmit power: +23dBm
  • Encoder: Learning code (AM)
  • Working voltage: DC 12V/1.5A power adapter
  • Adapter: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Size: 282 x 157 x 32mm
  • Weight: 812g


  • 1 x Call button keypad
  • 20 x Receiver
  • 1 x Power adaptor
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 1 x English Manual

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