30FT Durable Replacement Cable for Starlink Rectangular Satellite 9.45M Heat Resistant Gray

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The 30FT durable replacement cable for starlink is a 9.45M heat resistant and easy plug-and-play cable, featuring reliable connection and high-performance data transfer.

Introducing our 30FT/9.45m durable replacement cable for starlink, EU-patented.With a fully shielded design and copper data transmission,it's heat resistant and ensures durability and reliable connectivity. Effortless integration with plug-and-play installation makes setup without complicated procedures.


  • Compatibility: This product is a European Union (EU) patented product.It’s a perfect replacement for your old starlink,ensuring uninterrupted network speed and signal quality
  • Durable and Heat resistant: Made from a fully shielded design and copper data transmission,the replacement cable ensures heat resistant,durability,longevity and reliable connectivity.
  • Effortless Integration with Plug-and-Play: Plug and play ensures for effortless installation, providing convenience and ease of setup without the need for complicated procedures.


  • Length:30FT(9.45M)
  • Weight:0.6kg
  • Color:Gray

Pack Content

  • 1x 30FT Replacement Cable


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