50 x Insulated Inline Cliplock Wire Strainer Ratchet TENSIONER

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Experience the superior quality of our wire strainers, designed to deliver impeccable tension control and facilitate effortless and confident fencing. Crafted from top-grade materials to withstand the toughest Australian conditions, our wire strainers ensure durability and outstanding performance.

Our permanent ratchet strainer is specifically engineered to maintain wire tension over the long term, providing stability and reliability. When combined with an insulator, it becomes ideal for electric fences, ensuring secure and taut wire for years to come.

Constructed with a robust steel frame and equipped with a locking notch, our ratchet wire strainers offer enhanced performance and durability, effectively preventing livestock from breaching the fence. The gear mechanism allows for precise tension control, guaranteeing the wire's strength to keep animals securely in the paddocks.

Manufactured with exceptional craftsmanship, our wire strainers provide superior performance. They are designed for easy installation, making them perfect for constructing sturdy and dependable fences.

Choose our wire strainers and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with their exceptional quality and reliability. With our durable and efficient wire strainers, you can fence like a professional and ensure the safety of your livestock.

Good :__Our Heavy Duty In-Line Strainer with Compression Clip applies high-tensile compression on high-tensile fence line. Can be adjusted using a standard wrench.for a sturdy fence to keep your livestock in the right place.
Considerate Design:__This fence tensioner comes with locking e, which can effectively prevent the tooth wheel from rotating to increase the reliability after installation.
Easy to Installation: In-Line Wire Strainer should be located in the middle of long runs of wire or between two corner posts with excellent ,helps you tighten your high-tensile wire on your electric fence.
Material:__Ratchet wire strainers are constructed with Aluminium casted tooth wheel,Galvanized Steel e and equipped with a locking ch for improved .Galvanized to deter rust.
Widely Applications:__Perfect use for farm, garden, yard, villas, estates, vineyards and universal privacy filed.



Colour: Silver
Material: Q195
Package Dimensions: 33__20__34cm

Package Contents:
50 x Ratchet Wire Strainer

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