5T Triple Air Bag Jack Pneumatic Jack - Quick Lift, Heavy Duty, and Reliable

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  • Introducing our 11023 lbs Pneumatic Car Jack your ultimate solution for efficient, heavy-duty lifting. Designed to be tough and built to last, this jack offers impressive lifting power, making it a perfect addition to your toolkit.


  • Heavy Lifting Capability: With a remarkable lifting capacity of 11023 lbs (5 tons), this pneumatic jack is capable of handling a wide range of lifting tasks.

  • Fast and Efficient: Our triple air bag jack is designed for speed. It can lift your vehicle in just 5 seconds, saving you valuable time when you need it most.

  • Compact and Powerful: Built for convenience, this jack is powered by compressed air. Its compact design makes it easy to handle, and it's more user-friendly compared to traditional spring-loaded jacks.

  • Recommended Air Compressor: To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to use this Air Bag Jack with an air compressor rated at 8-10 atm.

  • Sturdy Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, this jack features high-strength steel construction, ensuring it can withstand heavy use.

  • Secure and Safe: The jack includes a safety valve in the middle to prevent over-inflation, ensuring your safety during use.

  • Adjustable Handle: The adjustable handle offers flexibility, allowing you to position it comfortably for your lifting needs. It can also be disassembled, making it convenient for outdoor use.


  • Capacity: 5.0 ton / 11023 lbs

  • Min. Height: 150 mm/5.9 inches

  • Max. Height: 400 mm/15.75 inches

  • Air Inlet: G1/4

  • Color: Blue

  • Lifting Time: 5 seconds

  • Working Temperature: -60 to 50

Secure and Efficient Operation:

  1. Keep the red valve closed, open the green valve, and input compressed air.

  2. When reaching the desired height, turn off the green valve.

  3. After use, open the red valve to release excess air.

This pneumatic car jack is suitable for various situations, making it an excellent choice for soft terrain, muddy roads, and more. It's perfect for family cars, minivans, SUVs, and off-road vehicles.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Pneumatic Jack

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