Hydroponic 6'' Oscillating Clip Fan Grow Tent Pole 20W

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When growing hydroponically, you are providing your plants with many advantages. But along with that comes heat issues. Lamp heat and poor airflow can exhaust and stress your plants resulting in a lower quality and even quantity yield. An oscillating wall fan gives vital airflow to your room, which is a necessity for all living plants.__It reduces heat waves created by your grow light. Keep the heat away from your plants, get better results. If you are growing in a big enclosure you will need to ensure there is plenty of air movement inside and these fans are perfect for the job.



6"/150 mm Diameter

2 Speed Optional, 20W Power

90_° Oscillation, 2 Speed Optional

Strong clipper designed for poles and edges

Powerful and low noise



1x 6" Oscillating Fan

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