Automatic Money Counter Bill Counter Australia Banknote Counter High Speed Cash Bill Counting Machine with UA and Digital Display Suitable for AUD Dollars

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With the UV anti-counterfeit detection and a digital display,our automatic money counter provides a high-speed cash and bill counting solution, specifically designed for counting Australian banknotes ,ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

with UV counterfeit detection,our automatic money counter is specially designed for Australian currency, both old and new notes. With a high-speed counting capability of over 900 notes per minute, it ensures accuracy and efficiency. The machine supports automatic start, stop, batching, adding, and clearing.


  • Australian Currency Compatibility:This machine will count the old and new Australian notes, even if they are mixed together. And suitable for most currencies in the world.
  • Accurate and Precise:This money counter machine is helpful in reducing the error. It can count more than 900 pieces per minute in a accurate and precise way. Combined with batching, adding and self-examination functions, it can make your counting more efficient.
  • Counterfeit Detection with UV:With the UV anti-counterfeit detection, this bill counter machine can be used to check all kinds of banknotes which contains UV features.
  • Automatic:This counter support automatic start, stop, cumulative,and clearing.
  • LED Display:The LED display is designed for you and your client to read clearly.
  • Wide Applications:This counter is perfect for banks, shops, retails, schools, vending owners and other businesses.


  • Counting Speed: >900 pieces/minute
  • Banknote Size: Maximum 90 mm x 185 mm, minimum 50 mm x 100 mm
  • Power Consumption: <80W
  • Counting Display: LCD Display
  • Weight:4.5kg
  • Dimensions: 31*23.5*20cm

Pack Content

  • 1x Intelligent Money Counter Machine
  • 1x LCD Display
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Cleaning Brush

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