Alpen Outdoor Base Mount 2mm Thickness Aluminium Diesel Heater Fuel Tank Cover Left/Right for 10L 15L Fuel Tank Black/Silver

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Color: Black
Style: Right Hand Side
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Made of 2mm thick aluminum,our Base Mount Fuel Tank Cover serves as a durable protection for the fuel tank.This diesel tank cover is designed to be mounted on the rear bar of your caravan. Slotted section allows for easy diesel level monitoring, compatible with 10L or 15L tanks.Stay safe on your adventure.

Introducing our Base Mount Aluminium Diesel Fuel Tank Cover,durable and corrosion resistance. It provides flexible fit options for left, right or both sides mounting on caravan rear bars. Suitable for 10L or 15L diesel tanks. Easy installation with included U-bolt kit and reserved screw hole position.


  • Corrosion Resistance: Made of high-quality 2mm thick aluminum, this tank cover is resistant to corrosion,rust,and damage,ensuring long-term use,and can withstand outdoor conditions. Plastic fuel tank not included.
  • Effortless Fuel Monitoring: With a slotted section, this fuel tank cover allows easy monitoring of your diesel level, ensuring you always keep an eye on your fuel status.
  • Left/Right/Double-sided Flexible Fit: Designed to be mounted on the rear bar of your caravan.You can select from various types, including right-hand side, left-hand side, or a double-sided design, ensuring a perfect fit for your caravan setup.
  • Ultra Large and Protection: Provides robust protection for 10L or 15L diesel tanks commonly used in caravans, ensuring they stay protected during travel and storage.
  • Easy Installation: Includes a U-bolt kit and reserved screw hole position for secure mounting and straightforward installation to the caravan's rear bar.


  • Material: Custom made from quality 2mm thickness Aluminium, checker plate.
  • Optional Types: Right hand side/Left hand side/Double side
  • Overall Dimensions: 49.5(L) x 15.9(W) x 42.3(H)cm
  • Body Dimensions: 41.2(L) x 10.8(W) x 42.3(H)cm
  • Optional Colour: Black/Silver

Pack Content

  • 1x Diesel Heater Tank Cover(Plastic fuel tank is not included)

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