Chainsaw Brushcutter Hard Hat Safety Helmet Face Shield With Visor & Ear Muffs For Landscaping Gardening Lawn Mowing Edge Trimming CE Approved

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The Brushcutter Hard Hat offers a combination of head, face, and hearing protection, making it an ideal choice s for individuals working in landscaping, gardening, lawn mowing, and edge trimming environments.

The Hard Safety Helmet offers durability and comfort with its high-density polyethylene construction and adjustable ratchet suspension system.It features 29dB ear muffs for noise reduction,a removable visor for face protection,ensuring comprehensive safety and efficiency.


  • Durable and Comfort Fit: Made of high density polyethylene, this hard hat offers a durable and comfortable fit.
  • Size Adjustable: Ratchet tight suspension system allows adjustment for a secure fit, ranging from 51 to 63cm. For safety requirements, chainsaw helmets do not have chin straps.
  • 29dB Ear Muffs: A pair of adjustable 23 dB SNR earmuffs that drastically reduce noise for hearing protection.
  • Removable Visor: A high-quality visor can effectively protect your face from being damaged by wood chips and impurities,and avoid direct sunlight, Which will improve your work efficiency and safety.
  • Wide Applications: This lightweight hard hat is made for professional forestry work, it also guards against injury while using chainsaws, hedge trimmers, shrub trimmers, bush-cutters and other tools that require face, ear, eye and head protection while you work.


  • Helmet: Fits head circumference from 51 to 63cm
  • Mesh Visor : 29 x 19.5cm
  • Ear Muffs: 29dB sound reduction

Pack Content

  • 1x Helmet
  • 1x Mesh Visor
  • 1x Pair of Ear Muffs

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