Electric Honey Extractor Beekeeping 4-Frame with 140W Motor and 2 Clear Lids

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Upgrade your honey extraction process with our 4-Frame Electric Honey Extractor. Crafted from premium 201 stainless steel, this extractor is designed for efficiency and durability. Equipped with a powerful electric motor and two clear perspex lids for easy observation, it simplifies the extraction process for beekeepers of all levels.


  1. High-Efficiency Motor: The extractor features a powerful 140W motor for swift and effective honey extraction.
  2. Stainless-Steel Structure: Constructed from high-quality 201 stainless steel with seamless welding, ensuring long-lasting durability and corrosion resistance.
  3. Height Adjustable: The extractor comes with three support legs that can be adjusted to your preferred height for comfortable operation.
  4. Clear Perspex Lids: Includes two clear perspex lids that allow beekeepers to monitor the extraction process easily.
  5. Easy to Assemble and Operate: Designed for user convenience, this extractor is simple to assemble and operate, making it suitable for beekeepers of all skill levels.


  • Frames: 4
  • Operation: Electric
  • Material: 201 Stainless Steel
  • Motor Power: 140W
  • Fit Frame (WxLxL): 9.2 x 17.3 x 19.2 in / 23.5 x 44 x 48.8 cm
  • Barrel Height: 60 cm
  • Barrel Diameter: 50 cm
  • Weight: 21 kg


  • 1 x Honey Extractor Drum
  • 1 x Honey Gate Valve
  • 2 x Perspex Lids
  • 3 x Support Legs

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