Electric Sheep Netting 50m x 108cm Secure Goat Sheep Calf Containment Farming

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Introducing Cirex Electric Fence Netting, your trusted solution for secure and predator-resistant animal containment. This lightweight and versatile electrified net fence is designed to safeguard your animals from threats like foxes. Its easy setup and movability make it an ideal choice for your farming needs. What sets Cirex Electric Nets apart is their innovative design featuring fiberglass rods within each post, providing resilience similar to a fishing rodâ__nsuring it always springs back to a straight position.


  • Brand: Cirex
  • Netting Height: 108cm
  • Netting Length: 50m
  • Spacing of Vertical Wires: 15cm
  • Number of Horizontal Wires: 11 Wires
  • Top Wire: 1 poly wire with 6 SS strands (3 SS + 3 Brass in yellow)
  • Middle Wires: 8 poly wires with 3 x 0.20 mm SS strands
  • Bottom Wire: 2 poly wires in black color
  • Post Height (Tube + Spike): 108cm + 15cm = 123cm total
  • Post Material: PVC + Fiberglass
  • Number of Posts: 14 Posts
  • Ground Spikes: Double Spikes
  • Connection Clip: Stainless steel on both ends
  • Includes Free Repair Kit: Comprising wires and insulators for your convenience

Energizer Minimum Requirements:

  • One net (50m): Use a 0.25 joule energizer
  • Two nets (100m): Use a 0.50 joule energizer
  • For more than four and up to ten nets (500m max.): Use a 2.5 joule energizer with APT

Package Includes:

  • 1x Cirex Electric Fence Net (50m x 108cm)
  • 1x Repair Kit

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