3-IN-1 Facial Steamer/ 5X Magnifying Lamp Beauty Spa Salon Machine CE Approved

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Model 1: Facial Steamer-Original

purify and whiten skin, promote blood circulation and cell metabolism, and can also replenish skin water, preventing water loss, restoring elasticity, deep cleaning, helping skin pores in detoxifying, improving puffy eyes and tightening sagging skin, and promoting blood circulation.


  • Face Steamer Essential - Facial steaming makes facial cleansing more effective because it opens up the pores and removes buildup. For better absorption, facial steamers are best used with face care products such as facial serum. Face misting increases circulation which is also essential to healthy skin. 
  • Easy To Operate – It is easy to use at home and in the beauty salon or spa. Just pour water into the cup/jar, turn the power on, wait for 10 to 15 minutes of warmup, and start fogging.
  • 360° Spray Head Rotation - Enjoy misting at any angle with the 360° rotatable sprayer/steam pipe. The spray head can be angled almost over your face when lying down on a bed. The steam pipe can be easily adjusted while looking for the perfect position. The steam can even be angled to spray on the face while standing up. Just remember to keep a 20 to 35cm distance to avoid scalding.
  •  Portable Facial Steamer - The ozone facial mister makes it the perfect steam machine to have at home and in businesses like spas and salons. Unlike the bulky ones, this portable mister can be easily moved from one place to other thanks to its smooth-rolling 360° swivel casters. The easy to assemble steamer also features a quiet operation for that maximum relaxation effect.



Condition: 100% Brand New
Type: Facial Steamer
Colour: As Picture Show
Package Weight: approx. 4.2 kg
Cup Capacity: 600ml

Power: 750W
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz

Model 2: Facial Steamer-Magnifier

CE and RoHs approved and certified, the steamer features a sturdy base and 5 wheeled swivel castors to manoeuvre freely. Space saving design, the 2-in-1 beauty machine allows you to assess and observe skin thoroughly with the flexible LED magnifying soft light lamp, whilst engaging the sterilising and ionised vapour steam to keep skin cleansed. Especially handy in tattooing and cosmetology.
The sturdy base consists of 5 swivel castors with wheels for easy portability, adjustable height to cater for a particular need, and 180˚ rotational sprayers. The steamer features an easy funnel shaped inlet on the top of the unit, covered by a rubber plug, for easy refilling.
Premium 786 watts stainless-steel pipe provides superb steam production, durable and anti-rust offers long service life, environmental protection ABS material with high temperature resistance.
The steamer features two operating modes, steam only or steam with ozone (UV), each with its own on/off switches with lighted indicators. Comes equipped with automatic circuitry that turns off the steamer if the water level drops too low.
  • 2x operating modes with indicator lights
  • Timer
  • Automatic switch off when water is too low
  • Height adjustable
  • 5 omnirotational legs
  • Rotational sprayer
  • Cleansing ionised ozone action
  • Flexible 5x magnifying lamp
Colour: As Picture Show
Power: 786W
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz
Material: Stainless Steel and ABS
Cup Capacity: 750ml
Magnifying Lamp: 5x Magnification
Light Power: 12W
CE RoHs approved


1 x Facial Steamer or 1x Facial Steamer with 5X Magnifying Lamp

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