Infrared Light Therapy Lamp Adjustable Stand LED Red Light Device 660nm X 850nm

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  • Adjustable Design: The infrared light therapy lamp stand can extend from 90cm to 170cm. The height and angle of the bulb can also be adjusted, allowing the illumination height to be tailored to the needs of the project, providing concentrated heat therapy anytime, anywhere.

  • 660nm and 850nm Dual Chips: The 660nm red light can penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating cell repair and promoting blood circulation. The 850nm infrared light can penetrate deep into human tissues, making it suitable for skeletal, joint, nerve, and deep muscle issues, effectively relieving chronic pain.

  • Wide Applicability: Suitable for various parts of the body, including shoulders, neck, elbows, wrists, chest, back, knees, ankles, and skin, making it safe for use on multiple body areas.

  • Built-in Timer and Remote-Control Design: The wired controller is equipped with a 5~30minute timer. This light therapy device has five dimmers, with three modes: 660nm+850nm on/only 660nm on/only 850nm on. Daily sessions of 20 to 40 minutes of red-light therapy can help improve discomfort symptoms.




  • Material:__Iron
  • LED Quantity: 90PCS
  • Wavelength: 660nm+850nm
  • 660nm Red Lights: 60PCS
  • 850nm Near Infrared lights: 30PCS
  • Lifespan: about 50000 hours
  • Use For: Skin Health & Pain Relief



  • 1 x Tripod Stand
  • 1 x Red Light Board
  • 1 x Hanging Kit
  • 1 x Power Cord + Controller
  • 1 x Protective Eyewear

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