Portable Piano Keyboard Z Stand Heavy-Duty with Wheels Foldable Up to 93CM Heigh

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Elevate your electronic keyboard experience with our premium Z-Style Piano Keyboard Stand. This instrument stand offers solid and reliable support, featuring a robust construction with added thickness for stability. The stand is equipped with lockable universal wheels, providing ease of mobility while maintaining stability. The multifunctional design, coupled with easy installation and adjustment, makes it an ideal choice for musicians seeking versatility and convenience.



  1. Solid & Reliable: Crafted with durability in mind, this Z-style keyboard stand ensures a stable platform for your electronic piano, promising reliability during your musical sessions.

  2. Large Adjustment Range: Experience flexibility in positioning your instrument. The stand offers a wide adjustment range, accommodating various keyboard sizes and preferences. Length can be extended from 56cm to 100cm, and height can be adjusted from 60cm to 93cm.

  3. Lockable Universal Wheels: Enhance portability with the included lockable wheels, allowing you to move your keyboard effortlessly while maintaining stability during performances or practice.

  4. Multifunctional Design: The stand's versatile design caters to different playing styles and settings, making it suitable for a range of musical environments.

  5. Easy to Install and Adjust: Simplify your setup process. This stand is user-friendly, ensuring quick and hassle-free installation. Additionally, it allows easy adjustments to achieve the desired height and length.



  • 1 x Z-Style Piano Keyboard Stand
  • 4 x Lockable Universal Wheels
  • Installation Manual

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