6M Pre-Rusted Cor-Ten Steel Landscape Edging Metal Edging Border No-Dig Hammer

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Enhance the elegance of your outdoor space with our 8'' CorTen Steel Landscape Edging - a set of 6 packs each measuring 40", providing a total of 20 feet when installed. The edging stands 5.5" above the ground and includes__7 pieces of clamps for added stability. Crafted from durable CorTen steel, this landscape edging is built to endure and boasts a lifespan of over 100 years. The package also includes clamps and gloves for convenient installation.


  1. Versatile Use: Our Cor-Ten steel landscape edging is perfect for various outdoor applications, including gardens, courtyards, and forestry. It not only adds charm to your landscaping but also prevents grass from encroaching into your garden beds, keeping soil and mulch neatly contained.

  2. Pre-Rusted Patina: The corten steel edging comes pre-rusted, providing an instant, beautiful patina. These strips accentuate each landscape area with crisp, clean lines, adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings.

  3. No Dig, Easy Maintenance: Featuring sharp saw teeth, this hammer-in steel edging is easy to bend and install without the need for digging. Wear gloves during installation for safety. Should you need to reshape or adjust, the edging can be easily hammered back into place.


  • 6 x 8'' CorTen Steel Landscape Edging (Total 6m)
  • Clamps and Gloves for Installation

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