Rinnai Enviroflo 180L Heat Pump Hot Water System Energy Efficient Reliable Eco-Friendly EHPT180VM AU Stock

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Experience energy-efficient hot water with the Rinnai EHPT180VM 180L Enviroflo Heat Pump Water Heater. Designed for superior performance in diverse climates, this innovative system ensures up to 70% less energy consumption compared to standard electric storage tanks.

Ideal for households of up to 3 people with 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms, the Rinnai EHPT180VM 180L Enviroflo Heat Pump Water Heater combines efficiency, reliability, and adaptability to meet your hot water needs year-round.


  • Energy Efficiency: Utilizes an advanced controller to maximize hot water availability while minimizing energy usage.
  • Climate Adaptability: Operates effectively in ambient air temperatures ranging from -7°C to 43°C, with built-in defrost control for protection in colder conditions.
  • Operating Modes: Offers multiple modes including Standard, ECO, Hybrid, and Electric for versatile operation.
  • Reliable Supply: Includes an inbuilt electric element to ensure continuous hot water supply.
  • Quiet Operation: Integrated low-noise design for peaceful operation.
  • Hygiene Features: Built-in auto disinfection function to prevent legionella growth.
  • Durable Construction: Withstands high water pressure up to 850 kPa and includes convenient features like a Wi-Fi timer for optimized running costs.


  • Noise Level: 48 dB(A)
  • Ambient Temperature Limits: -7°C to 43°C (heat pump operation; element operates beyond these limits)
  • Ingress Protection: IPX4
  • Connections: Hot Outlet and Cold Inlet ISO 7.1 ¾” RP, PTR Valve Connection ISO 7.1 ¾” RP
  • Maximum Input: Electric Element 1.5 kW, Refrigeration Module 0.9 kW, Total Maximum Input 2.4 kW
  • Power Supply: 220 - 240 V AC, 50Hz, Maximum Current 11 Amps (15 Amp plug fitted)
  • Refrigerant Type: R134a, 1 kg
  • Coefficient of Performance (COP): 7.5 (at 32.6°C ambient, 21.1°C cold water inlet)
  • Heat Pump Heating Capacity: 3.1 kW

Dimensions and Warranty:

  • Dimensions: Diameter 570 mm, Height 1730 mm
  • Empty Weight: 100 kg
  • Warranty: Domestic Use - Parts 5 Years, Refrigeration Components 3 Years, Other Components 1 Year, Labour 3 Years (1 Year for Commercial Use)


1x Rinnai 180L Heat Pump

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