Leather Cobbler Sewing Machine Black Shoe Repair Tool Equipment Heavy Duty Commercial Hand with Needles Leather Craft Kit

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  • Expertly repair a variety of shoes and leather products with the Leather Cobbler Sewing Machine Black Shoe Repair Tool Equipment Heavy Duty Commercial Hand. Use with nylon or cotton wire to mend cloth, rubber, leather, sneakers, high heels, raincoats, bags, trousers, and more.

  • This sewing machine is compatible with both nylon and cotton lines, as well as Prince line and other similar lines, with a maximum sewing thickness of 5mm.]

  • The needle distance can be adjusted, with a maximum width of approximately 6mm.


Product Name: Shoe Repair Machine

Size: 310*80mm

Suitable for: nylon line, cotton line and silk line

Color: As the picture show

Operating Instructions:

  1. Preparing for Operation:

    • Ensure foot pressure is applied without friction on the pin plate.
    • Verify the tightness of fixed screws in all departments.
    • Lubricate each part with oil.
    • Ensure smooth movement of the guide plate without noise.
  2. Threading and Leading:

    • Prepare the shuttle shell and spindle by lifting the needle to its highest position.
    • Wind the spindle by wrapping the wire around its center.
    • Thread the shuttle's line hole with the spindle thread and insert it into the shuttle.
    • Position the spindle towards the needle groove, leaving a thread length of 2-3 inches.
    • Thread the needle hole and draw the bottom line through the pinhole using the guide plate.
  3. Relationship Between Bottom Line and Stitch Quality:

    • Identify needle types.
    • Adjust bottom surface pressure and thread tension as needed.
    • Check and adjust bobbin rotation and stitch length.
  4. Needle Spacing Adjustment:

    • Loosen the needle pitch screw to adjust the needle pitch based on the material being sewn.
  5. Pressure Foot Pressure Adjustment:

    • Tighten the pressure foot to increase pressure and tension spring for greater pressure.
  6. Handling and Sewing Machine Needle:

    • Replace the needle by loosening the needle clamp screw and inserting the new needle securely.
    • Choose the appropriate needle size based on the material being sewn.
  7. Shuttle Position Adjustment:

    • Align the shuttle tail end with the needle groove by adjusting the spindle position if necessary.
  8. Needle Bar Adjustment:

    • Ensure the needle hole aligns with the spindle bottom plane by adjusting the needle bar position if required.


1x Shoe Repair Machine(need to be assemble)

1x Shuttle Set

1x Tripod-type stand

1x Machine needles

1x Nylon coils

1x Small connecting rod

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