Air Spray Gun Paint Gun Gravity Feed HVLP Kit 3Nozzle

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HVLP Spray Paint Gun takes up large volumes of air to direct and move the paint but atomise the paint at low pressure. HVLP Spray Paint Guns are becoming more and more popular among paint and decorating professionals for four reasons: health, safety, transfer efficiency, precise control and higher cost-effectiveness.




  • Soft spraying, easily controlled and less over-spray in high transfer efficiency.

  • Ideal for spraying base coats, clear coats and high viscosity coatings.

  • Suitable for domestic and industrial primer, topcoat and detailing for the automotive industry, equipment and furniture paint applications.



  • Stainless steel needle and nozzle for longer life and use with water-based paints

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design and easy trigger pivot reduces operating fatigue

  • Saves paint and provides optimal performance



  • Fluid Nozzle:__1.4 mm, 1.7 mm, 2 mm

  • Air Consumption: 14.5CFM

  • Cups Capacity: 2x 600cc

  • Operating Pressure: 2-3.5 bar

  • Pattern Width: 160-240 mm

  • Air Inlet: 1/4 in

  • Weight: 1.2 kg



  • 1x Spray Gun

  • 3x Tips

  • 3x Needle

  • 3x Cap

  • 2x Plastic Cups

  • 1x Brush, Spanner

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