Upgraded Extra Tall 150cm Baby Pet Security Gate Safety Gate Easy Fit Fence Adjustable Width 75-85cm Two Way Opening No Drill Needed Doorway Stairs Hallway

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This Upgraded Extra tall 150cm Security Gate ensures safety for both babies and pets, with adjustable width 75-85cm and easy fit for doorways, stairs, and hallways. Its convenient two-way opening design eliminates the need for drilling, providing a hassle-free solution for home safety.

Introducing our Extra tall 150cm Security Gate,featuring thicker bars and reduced 3.5cm gaps between the railings. Two-way opening design allows easy operation, while durable steel ensures stability and longevity.With punch-free installation and versatile placement options, it's a convenient safeguarding solution.


  • 150cm Extra Tall Design and Enhanced Cat Protection: Safety gate stands at 150cm extra tall, making it ideal for preventing kids or pets to jump over the gate.Specifically designed to be more effective in preventing cats from entering, with thicker gate bars and reduced gaps between the railings (now 3.5cm).
  • Two Way Door Opening: The door can be swung in both directions, easy to operate the gate with one hand. Curved turning groove design allows inside and outside double opening 180° unrestricted door opening.
  • Flexible Placement: Easily set up the gate in stairways, doorways, corridors, living rooms, and kitchens to restrict access to specific areas for your baby or pet.
  • Durability: The pet security gate is made of high-quality steel, with a 3.5cm encrypted gap, which is stable and durable, has good corrosion resistance and load-bearing, and is not easy to deform.
  • Comprehensive Set and Punch Free Installation: The security gate series includes the main gate, wall legs, wall leg pads, door ramp, gap filler bar, joint bars, and pins.The installation process is simple, with no drilling required, protecting your walls from damage and saving you time and effort.You can quickly set it up at the stairway, doorway, corridor, living room and kitchen to keep baby or pet from accessing certain areas.


  • Bundle/Model Name: 150MAIN
  • Height: 90-150cm
  • Tool-Free Setup: Effortlessly assemble the gate without the need for tools or drilling.
  • Adjustable Width: Customize the width between 75cm and 85cm.
  • Safe Zone Creation: Quickly establish a secure zone for your baby or pet.
  • Optimized Gap: Most gaps measure 35mm

Pack Content

  • 1x Main Gate Only
  • 1x User Manual


  • Our main gate and extension panels are designed to work together and may not be compatible with gates or panels from other brands.
  • Refer to the included photos for a comprehensive view of the width ranges within this product series.

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