E85 Fuel Pump Kit OEM F90000285 Compatible with BA BF FG Falcon VE VZ EFP-530 525 lph

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Discover the ultimate version of the trusted OEM[F90000285] 460 lph pump - the 525 lph Unleaded & E85 In Tank Fuel Pump.

With even higher flow than before, this pump comes with a complete installation kit and features a modern design with two parallel rows of turbine blades for minimal noise, low current draw, and 20% greater efficiency compared to conventional pumps.

Perfect for high-powered, boosted applications and supporting up to 900hp, this pump is a must-have for those running E85/Ethanol or needing more flow than a  255 or 460 can provide. For those under 500hp, check out our other listings for the  GSS341 / GSS342 255 lph pumps.


  • Part Numbers: F90000285
  • OEM Number: F90000285
  • Note: The F90000285 requires modifications to system wiring, fuel lines and the fuel module, and should be professionally installed.



  • Some of the most well-known monikers for this product include 525 and Hellcat.
  • Flow rate: 525 lph @ 13.5v (3 bar)
  • E85 Compatible: Yes
  • Ensure your wiring can handle this powerful tool with a maximum current draw of 25A.
  • Body Diameter: 39mm / 50mm
  • Length: 131mm
  • Fuel Outlet Diameter: 11mm OD (10.8 – 9.1mm)
  • Pressure Relief: 112psi
  • Check Valve: Yes (Inbuilt)



Possible vehicles (and others) that this product is compatible with after minor modifications to the cradle include:
  • BA, BF, FG, FG X Falcon & XR6 Turbo
  • VT, VX, VY, VZ, VE, VF Commodore
  • Subaru WRX
  • Nissan Skyline, Silvia, 180sx



  • 1 X Fuel Pump Kit

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