Intercooler Tube Pipe Hose Bead Roller Intake Piping Pipe Bead Roller Tool Fits Clamps 5/8'' DIY Tool larger tubing Machine w/Carry Case

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Easily create a polished bead on various types of tubing with the sturdy and budget-friendly Manual Bead Roller. Ideal for Aluminum up to 16 gauge wall thickness (0.065’’ or 1.65mm) and also suitable for Titanium up to 18 gauge (0.049’’ or 1.25mm), this high-quality tool performs best when secured in a vice.

Crafted with durable steel and aluminum components, it comes complete with a carrying case for convenience.

Keep in mind: for best results, apply the bead prior to welding.


  • This tool, mounted on a vise, expertly creates a precise bead on the ends of aluminum or copper tubing.
  • Insert the tubing end between the dies and rotate the handle to begin the cranking process.
  • Choose from a variety of high-quality materials such as aluminum, steel, or stainless steel for your intercooler piping needs.
  • Fits 5/8" and larger tubing


  • Strict quality control standards to Build and test
  • Universal
  • Material:  Anodized aluminum with stainless steel components
  • Aluminum pipe:diameter from 5/8" (16mm) to 4"(102mm),max thickness 3mm
  • Steel pipe: diameter from 5/8" (16mm) to 4"(102mm), max thickness 1mm


  • 1 x Pipe Bead Roller
  • 1x Carry Case

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