Versatile Lufi XF Multifunctional OBD2 Gauge Display Heads Up Display Scanning Tool Combination Meter Enhanced Automotive Monitoring

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  • Universal OBD2 gauge for Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Honda,Toyota, Mazda, Nissan.


  • Built-in SHIFT INDICATOR for more accurate shifting!
  • Can also be used as a DIAGNOSTIC TOOL and clears check engine lights.
  • Crystal clear LCD display with 5 display modes, super sensitive response.
  • Data Shown:

- Average Speed
- Speed
- Engine RPM
- Water Temperature
- Oil Pressure
- Oil Temperature
- Exhaust Temperature
- Voltage
- Clock
- Engine Run Time
- Turbo/Intake Pressure
- Intake Air Temperature
- Fuel Pressure
- Throttle Position
- Engine Load
- Ignition Time
- Fuel Level
- Real-time &Average Fuel Consumption
- Outside Temperature
- 0-100 & 0-200km/h Acceleration Recording


  • Please note that some of the functions may not work on older cars, depending on what them ecu of the car can read. In most cases, most functions will be available for cars manufactured after year 2008. So please make sure to plug in and check before removing screen protective film and sticking it on the mounting tape. Thanks

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