Lufi XS Defi OBD2 Boost Gauge Multi Meter Gyrometer GPS Dual Mode System HD Display Tacho Speedometer Water Temperature Data Combo for Car 2008 to 2023

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The Lufi XS Defi style OBD2 Gauge and GPS Dual Mode System is a comprehensive gauge with a high-definition display, combining multiple gauges into one unit. Fit for OBD2 port from 2008 and onwards, it provides real-time ECU data and GPS related data.This plug and play device prioritizes convenience and safety.

Introducing our XS Defi style OBD2 Gauge and GPS Dual Mode System,compatible with vehicles from 2008 to 2023.This plug and play OBD2 gauge combines multiple gauges in one unit, displaying multi parameters from your car ECU. You can customize interfaces that can perfectly match your car and increase driving pleasure.


  • Third Generation OBD2+Gps Dual Mode System: This upgrade device combines a boost gauge,temperature gauge, scan tool, GPS, and gyroscope functionalities, providing a comprehensive solution for car enthusiasts and professionals alike.By default, OBD2 and GPS function can be displayed at the same time. If the vehicle does not support OBD2 function,only GPS and gyroscope related data will be displayed.
  • Lufi Xs-Defi OBD2 Compatibility: This car gauge will work for cars interfaces from 2008 to 2023 vehicles with OBD2 port.
  • All-In-One OBD2 Gauge: Through vehicle OBD interface, vehicle information can be obtained, such as water temperature, engine speed, turbine pressure, exhaust temperature and more than 50 kinds of data. However, some parameters may not be available ,subject to data available on your ECU and gauge compatibility.
  • Flexible Display Modes: The Lufi XS Defi Style OBD2 Car comes with different display modes catering to diverse preferences and driving scenarios. You can either fix it by the bracket with the normal mode with adjustable angles..Or you can hang up with the reverse display.These display options ensurs optimal convenience and safety during you driving experience.
  • Safety First and Alarm Function: The OBD2 meter displays detailed real-time data to ensure safe driving on the road. It can alert you in the event of turbo pressure, high water temperature, overspeed, RPM alarm, engine trouble codes, etc., to prevent the car from overloading and let you drive safely.
  • Gyro Function for Smooth Driving: Free rotation is adopted to improve sensitivity, and roll angle and pitch angle are monitored in real time. lf the default value is exceeded, there will be an alarm prompt to ensure driving safety.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Interface color, digital color, LED light color. Instrument interface can be highly customized and arbitrary editing. You can freely adjust the settings to display, more humanized design.
  • Plug and Play Easy Installation: This multi gauge has a simple design, the bottom seat can be fixed by the bracket and double-sided adhesive installation, more solid than the general suction cup installation. Simply plug it into the OBD2 port and it can display most of the vehicle parameters available from your car ECU.


  • Part Number: Lufi-XS Defi
  • Gauge Dimension: L10 x W6 cm
  • Base Dimension:6 x 4 cm
  • Suitable For: Cars with OBD2 Port From 2008 and onwards
  • Operating Temperature: -20~+85 Degree
  • Color: Black
  • Pitch/ross angle: -45 ~+45 degree

Pack Content

  • 1x Lufi XS-Defi style OBD2 Gauge mainframe
  • 1x Power cable
  • 1x Base bracket
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Double-side glue
  • 1x Tool

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