Melpet Cat Litter Mat - Large 91cm x77cm with Double Scatter Control Layer

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  • Tired of those little cat litter particles making their way all over your floors? The Melpet Cat Litter Mat is here to help. With a super large size of 36"x 30" (91cm x 77cm), this mat offers extensive coverage, accommodating even the most generous litter boxes, and effectively keeps your floors free of litter scatter.



  • Double Layer Design: The ingenious double layer design of this mat controls scatter and prevents litter from tracking onto your floors. The top layer incorporates specially designed holes that capture litter while ensuring your cat's paws move through comfortably.

  • High-Quality Material: Built to last, this litter mat is constructed from premium materials. Its durability allows it to withstand daily use and cleaning while maintaining its effectiveness.

  • Easy To Clean: Keeping this litter mat clean is a breeze. You can simply shake off the trapped litter, vacuum it, or rinse it with water. The waterproof material facilitates easy wiping, saving you valuable time and effort.

  • Upgraded Urineproof Design: The bottom layer of the double layer cat litter mat boasts high-quality absorbent, waterproof, and leak-proof material. This layer prevents nasty odors and cat urine from seeping into your valuable hardwood floors and carpets. The non-slip design ensures that your cat won't slide when walking on the mat.



  • Product Dimensions:__91 x 77 cm
  • Item Weight: 750 g



  • 1x__Cat Litter Mat

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