Relieving Your Stress During the Pandemic - Portable Sauna

One of the things I craved the most when sitting at home during lockdown was to sit in a steaming hot sauna room (like the ones at Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs) Imagine sitting in front of the telly and having a steam therapy session at the same time. How relaxing would that be?! This one-person steam sauna can do just that. Relieving your tension and stress is so important for your health, especially in the middle of winter during a pandemic!


Steam therapies have many added benefits. They aid in workout recovery, muscle pain relief, loosen stiff joints, boosts your immune system, promotes skin health and anti aging. But wait, there’s more. Steam can help you detox and aids in weight loss because you burn more calories sitting there in the heat sweating it all out.


For those of you who are feeling a bit under the weather, these benefits are for you! Saunas can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of sinus congestion from colds or allergies. It’s a great steam therapy for colds, and it’s a great at-home steam therapy for your lungs.




What does a portable sauna do? They can be a great steam therapy for sinus and colds, pain relief, relaxation, tension, stress, stiff joints, immune system, the list goes on. Plus, they’re great birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, any sort of gift to be honest. Buy it here.


Which portable sauna is the most recommended? Our portable sauna is on sale now. Buy it here.

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